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08 Dec You’re Doing it Wrong. Move.

Is sitting dumbing you down?

That’s what we’re talking about in today’s video.



Video Summary – You’re Doing it Wrong. Move


A very long time ago, I went to take the Series 7 stockbrokers exam.

In the financial industry, it’s known as a really tough exam.

It takes six hours, and there’s a lot of hype and fear surrounding the exam.

In the industry, people talk about how hard it is…

how people fail over and over and over again.

I was studying to take this exam and the day came for me take it.

When I went in to take the test, I had to sign in and show my driver’s license.

I had to hand them everything.

They allowed me to have a calculator, a pencil and a blank piece of paper – which they double checked.

I was only allowed to leave to use the restroom…

I was allowed restroom breaks once an hour.

I think they gave us a pretty quick lunch break, if I remember correctly.

It was a long day, sitting in front of a computer, answering a LOT of questions.

I did something, that I didn’t realize at the time, really helped me with that exam.

Every hour, every fifty minutes for my bathroom break, I would go check myself out.

It was a long drawn out process and pretty inconvenient…

not everyone did this.

Many people just sat through the allowed breaks…

but I would get up when I was allowed.

I went through the process of being signed in and out each time.

Then I would go in to the restroom…

and I would do jumping jacks.


Jumping jacks.

And moving all around.

I’d wake myself up, because I was sitting there for hours trying to recall a lot of information that

didn’t really come naturally to me.

I would wake myself up, get back in to my flow, access my creativity, my intellect.

I didn’t realize that that’s what I was doing at the time.

Luckily for me, it paid off.

I don’t say this to brag, but to illustrate my point (although I am proud)…

I walked out, wondering if I passed.

You need a certain percentage to pass.

A lot of people don’t pass the first time.

When the person that got my test scores looked at the paper, she kind of made this face, like “Wow!!”

She said, “You passed with a National high grade!!”

That just seemed crazy to me at the time.

The day before, my husband was quizzing me with 3 x 5 note cards.c.

I’d get an answer wrong and say, “Skip that one.”

I wouldn’t remember the next answer…

and the next one…

“Skip that one.”

 “Skip that one.”

Finally he said, “You’re going to fail!!”

I replied, “I’m not going to fail.”

The reason I’m telling you this is because the key thing that I know now…

that really helped me do really well on that test and pass the first time..

was movement.

Have you ever heard the idea that sitting is the new smoking?

If not, Google it.

There’s all kinds of research and articles on this idea that how terrible sitting is for our health,

yet that’s how our working society is set up.

It’s not just the sedentary lifestyle…

at work we sit most of the time.

Now more and more we’re seeing stand-up desks and things like that which is fantastic.

The other thing that sitting does, or lack of movement I should say,

even if it’s not sitting…

even if you’re standing straight but frozen…

It shuts down your creativity.

It shuts down your flow.

I’m inviting you to get up and move.

I’m inviting you to encourage your colleagues to get up and move.

Have you ever noticed how in long drawn-out meetings you start to drift?

When I sit in board meetings, I notice with especially long meetings…

people start to not pay attention…

or they’re staring at their device…

or their laptop.

They’re not fully engaged.

They’re drifting.

One way to keep that from happening is movement, and movement breaks.

It’s up to you whether or not, or how you adopt that.

One thing that I do, even now if I’m on a long board retreat for instance,

I’ll excuse myself and go to the restroom and move myself to wake myself back up.

I will actually just roll my wrists and kind of move my fingers underneath the table even.

I wake up my intellect and creative capacity.

And then all of the sudden…

I come up with a new idea or engage with a conversation and help find solutions.

That’s what movement does for us.

Try it next time you are sitting.

If you ever go to sit down and work on something, give yourself movement breaks…

At least every 50 minutes or so, get up and do something different.

Go get yourself glass of water.

Go for a walk.

I jump a little bit on a trampoline I have.

Do something to wake yourself up.

If you’re in the office, do something minor.

Just get up and walk around the office, but you wake yourself up again.

Watch your creativity, your creative capacities, your problem solving skills soar.

Now, I want to hear from you. Do you ever do this? Do you find yourself drifting?

Do you get yourself up and move? Do you think this would be helpful? Leave me a comment below.

Remember, you’re always, always creating.

Create intentionally.



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