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29 Dec Why You Need a Vision Keeper

Do you have a vision keeper?

You need one.

In today’s video I’ll tell you what it is and why…


Video Summary – Why You Need a Vision Keeper


What is a vision keeper you might ask? Let me tell you…

A vision keeper is someone who will hold the vision of what it is that you want to create, or do, or have, or be, or accomplish or whatever it is you’re creating.

Your vision keeper is going to hold that vision unflinchingly.

Often times when you’re going for something big…

something that maybe has never been done before…

or that you’ve never done before…

Fear or doubt shows up along the way and that requires support.

Like it or not…

it often times is not your family or your best friend or your colleagues. If it is, lucky you, that’s awesome.

Often times, when we go to accomplish something that we’ve never done before…

or that’s outside the norm of what the people around us know or have experienced themselves…

Their own fears and doubts will come up and then it will come right out of their mouths and on to you.

A vision keeper however will, when you say you’re going to accomplish something, they see it done.

They’re holding that vision for you.

They are holding that vision when everything else seems like it’s not happening.

They see it done, hold the faith and are encouraging you to get there.

It’s the person who can hold the belief when you can’t do that yourself.

Your vision keeper is also going to do things like see ahead for you and see around the corner.

There’s a lot of power in a group, in a group of two even…

And there’s a tremendous power in focusing that collective energy towards accomplishing what it is you want to create.

Get a vision keeper if you are out trying to accomplish something…

on your way to accomplishing something big…

something new.

Get someone to hold that vision with you, for you.

Now I want to hear from you, do you have a vision keeper? Who is it? Leave a comment below this video.

Remember, you’re always creating, create intentionally.



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