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17 Nov What IS Manifestation? Manifestation Explained

Have you heard the term manifestation?

Ever wonder what that means?

In this video, I explain it.



Video Summary – What IS Manifestation? Manifestation Explained


You may have heard that term floating around, and maybe you didn’t know what it meant, so I’m going to give you my definition.

It’s simply this. Manifestation is accomplishing something. It’s achieving something, but in a different way, different than you’d normally think.

I’m considered an achiever, the kind of person who really loves to get things done. T

The way that we’ve been taught, for the most part, is to do that, you just do very left brain activities and get things done.

It requires a certain amount of pushing.

We talk about pushing hard…

working hard to get things done.

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not opposed to diligence and dedication.

It’s just the pushing.



Here’s an example.

That sense of achieving and getting things done and pushing really hard to get things done worked for me for a long time…

until it didn’t.

I ended up with professional burnout at a really young age.

Try telling someone who loves to work

loves to get things done, and pushes really hard to make things happen…

“You can’t work any longer!”

Not fun.

So I looked for a new approach.

I still have that desire to accomplish things, so I looked for new ways to do it.

What I found is what people are talking about and calling manifestation.

As it turns out, I realize I’ve been using this my entire life, and most people have…

at some point.

They just don’t realize it.

When you really want to talk to someone, and then all of sudden, they call you or reach out to you.

You’re thinking, “I would really like to have a piece of pie,” and your mom walks in with a pie.

Funny example. I don’t like pie, but anyway…

the idea is that things are coming to you easily.

When you are setting out to accomplish something, it’s about using both your left brain and right brain to get that thing done.

So it’s not just a matter of taking the rational steps to do something.

It’s using your intuition…

your inner guidance, as well as your imagination…

your creativity…

at the same time to get that thing done.



For example:

It’s using the force of the universe.

Yes, as in…may the force be with you. (Star Wars reference in case you didn’t know.)

…Using the force, to create – what I call creative energy.

It’s focusing that and then using your left and right brain tools, in order to bring things about in significantly easier ways.

Ways that almost feel like miracles or magic.

The real mastery lies in learning to use this reliably.

Then life really becomes like a game.

Manifestation is like riding on a bike and having the wind come up behind you and push you right along, so that you’re in that sense of flow and ease.

You’re already headed that direction, but wow!

It just gets easier and more fun, faster. That’s manifestation.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. Have you ever manifested something? Not just accomplished something, but where things, you just felt like, wow! The forces behind what you see here are helping you to do this. Something that seemed like a “coincidence”? I’d love to hear your story – please share it in the comments below.


You are always creating. Create intentionally.



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