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10 Nov How to Get Past Your Fear

I am often asked…

“How do I move past my fear?”

In today’s video, I’m giving tips to move through your fear and get moving again.



Video Summary – How to Get Past Your Fear


3 Tips for Moving Past Your Fear

1. Become aware of how it’s showing up for you. It might look like procrastination. It might look like starting a fight with your spouse. It might look like feeling confused. Maybe it looks like overwhelmed. Maybe it looks like intellectualizing, meaning…you’re making a lot of very smart remarks and reasons and trying to figure it out, when really it’s just a tactic for stHere’s an example of how fear can show up for me…

Often times for me, there is a, almost like butterflies feeling in my belly, or the feeling of a pit in my stomach. Mine can also show up in anger, so sometimes I get really mad, and really, that’s just my fight response, which is underlying fear.

What happens with you?

Become aware of your fear.

2.  Be with it just as it is, lovingly, and don’t judge it. I want you to be able to say, “I feel scared. I’m sitting at my desk. It’s Tuesday. I feel scared.” Simply say it without judgment. We all feel emotions. It’s part of being here on this planet.

3.  Make friends with it. Get playful with it. There’s a lot of ways that you can do this, and one is just to exaggerate it. Another is to simply acknowledge it, “There you are again, my old friend. I see you.” Make friends with it. I imagine putting my arm around it, like bringing it along, befriending it. Because then you can use it as fuel.


When you are able to take your fear and use it as fuel…

It’s like rocket fuel for what it is that you want to create in your life…

in your projects…

in your business…

with your team…

I think you get the idea.

Here are the three tips again:  

  • Become aware of it. How is it showing up for you?
  • Be with it as it is, no judgment.
  • Make friends with it, get playful.        

How does it show up for you when you get stuck in fear? Leave a comment for me below.


You’re always creating. Create intentionally.


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