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12 Jan How I Manifested a Large Happy Financial Surprise – A True Story

Today I’m telling one of my manifestation stories. This one is kind of funny.

A bit of a mishap…

Video Summary – How I Manifested a Large Happy Financial Surprise – A True Story


I like surprises, happy surprises…

and so oftentimes I will ask the power that Be for a happy surprise.

Sometimes I like to ask for a large happy surprise,

and sometimes I ask for a large happy financial surprise because it’s nice to receive, right?

Not too long ago, I asked on a particular day for a large happy financial surprise.

Later that day, I got an invite from a wealth management group to speak to a group of CFOs.

Not exactly what I meant when I asked for the financial surprise.

I do like the idea of speaking to a group of CFOs…

I think that could be fun talking about the kind of thing that I talk about and how that applies to business…

however it wasn’t what I had in mind.

Next time I’ll be a bit more specific and clarify…

and that would be my suggestion to you.

If you like surprises, ask for them…

and ask for happy surprises.

If you want a happy financial surprise, ask for that.

Consider being specific in what it is that you want.

What I have found is that when you are specific with the Universe, the Universe is specific with you…

and this is yet another opportunity I receive to get even more clear and even more specific.

Happy creating. I want to see what you’ve manifested lately. In fact, leave me a comment below. What’s shown up easily for you lately?

You’re always creating. Create intentionally.



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