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15 Dec How I Finally Found It – A True Story

Have you ever lost something and really wanted to find it?

I have, many countless times, and there’s something I do reliably that works for me.

In today’s video I’ll tell you a true story about how I found a missing item and something you can try too.



Video Summary – How I Finally Found It – A True Story


This has worked for me and finding pieces of jewelry, countless times.

This time in particular, I lost my green blouse.

For awhile, this was my favorite green blouse, you know how that goes…

At the time, I wore it a lot – something I could fall back on.

Then I lost it and was frustrated…

I’m sure you can relate to losing something.

I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house, and I had been planning to wear it to an event.

I looked everywhere…

and I felt like I had a block.

I’ve found things using a similar process before, but for some reason, I just felt …


Have you ever felt that way?

So this is what I did…

I asked where it was. Inner wisdom…I asked.

Try it. Just ask. When you lose your keys, ask where they are, see what comes to you, what thought comes to your head. Follow that.

I felt blocked a little bit this time, so I was out driving…

and I made a declaration

a command if you will.

I declared, “By the time I walk through my front door, I will know where it is. I will know where the blouse is. I know it’s somewhere in my house.”

Then I walked through the front door, right into my closet, reached behind the chest of drawers (that it had fallen behind) and picked it right up.

Two things to note:

  1. Ask your inner wisdom for guidance on your next step. Could be on anything. In this case, losing something was taking up a lot of my attention and energy.
  2. Make a command. I felt stuck, so rather than feeling at the effect of it, like I can’t figure it out, I actually made a command. I’m going to find it, and I walked in, and I did. You can do it too.

Have you lost something? Try it! Let’s see what you find!

I want to hear from you. Have you ever lost something and found it, kind of like in a miraculous way, or have you listened to your intuition and had it take you just to what it is that you were looking for? Have you asked for help and found something? Have you tried this? Tell me your story in the comments below.

You’re always creating. Create intentionally.



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  • Glad you found the blouse. It is a nice complement to the refreshing blues and greens behind you. Thanks for the tip. “Now where did I misplace that million dollars?…”