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“Breaking out on your own to create the lifestyle you want can seem daunting even when you know how to step aside from living in that fear. Anney has helped me tremendously in breaking off small bites and taking things one step at a time so I was able to digest the big move I was about to make from going full time in an agency world to freelancing. She understood my desire to set my own schedule and have the flexibility to make my day look how I wanted. She gave me the specific steps to take and the rest was up to me. I love having access to her wealth of knowledge and experience so I can create the life I imagined come to reality.
In a single phone call I was able to turn around and create what I wanted to achieve, put a plan together and go after my first client. The next week I signed my first client. I also gained additional work that fits into my ideal plan so I can make the money I want and work far less than I used to. Her advice is sound and I will definitely be working with her more as I branch further into this new world of mine.”

— Kiaran Locy, PR Professional

“I have been writing a book about Leadership for the last ten years; actually, and to be more correct, I have been thinking about writing a book about Leadership for the last ten years. It’s only been during the last two months, since Anney Smith became my coach, that I have actually been writing my book. Anney has helped me to find focus, structure and the motivation to actually move forward with this project and make my dream a reality. Her ability to listen to my words and then help me to feel their meaning has been amazing and something I’ve never known before.

But Anney’s coaching has been about so much more than helping me write a book—Anney is helping me to be a much better person. With her help, I have a new morning routine which has given me much greater focus and energy throughout the entire day. She has also helped me to establish my goals and my vision for the next five years and beyond and even to see how my life and actions now can and should have impact many years after I am gone.

I look forward to my continued relationship with Anney as I write my book and build a brand, but more than that, I look forward to knowing Anney Smith as a guide and as a friend for the rest of my life.”

— Michael P. Lerario, President and Founder, Crispian Consulting Inc.

“Anney helped me get very clear on what I was, and was not committed to.  This caused drastic changes in my work life and a re-invention of myself that I had been pondering for quite a while.  She gets it…on both business and human levels.”

— Cheryl Childers, Malibu Healing Arts

“I made the wise decision to hire Anney for guidance around how to develop my skill as an entrepreneur.  Like many seasoned coaches and therapists, I have lots of experience in the clinical arena, but am not nearly as confident with my business/ technology skills.  Anney met me right where I needed it most! Together we formed the ideal container in which I could express my fears, doubts, questions, etc. and Anney was exceptional in her ability to hold space for all of it.  Within a short amount of time, she guided me through the nuts and bolts of specific tools which translated into creating an excellent proposal I submitted to a local business.  I so appreciate her capacity to listen deeply and instruct with clarity and specificity.  I’ve met many coaches throughout my 30 plus years in the field and can confidently say Anney is one of the best!”

Julia Munson, LCSW  Denver, Colorado

“Working with Anney is a life-changing experience. She has a way of making mountains into molehills, providing guidance and tools that help create order out of chaos, and joy within challenges. My favorite part about working with Anney is that she is completely non-judgemental. My biggest roadblocks were related to things that I felt I couldn’t share with any one in my life – and when I brought them up to Anney, she was completely non-plussed and totally accepting. Even better, she gave me a new way of looking at things and the tools to move through my blocks. With ease. I highly recommend her coaching program for anyone who is looking to breakthrough to another level.”

Mary Lockwood

“I spent an incredible weekend at a company retreat lead by Anney Smith and am still reeling from the experience. Her ability to go deeper and explore the issues at the core of what it is that holds us back, as well as the genuine love that she brings to her work is evident in everything she does. Whatever your situation, wherever you are in life, love, or business, Anney’s inspired leadership will provide a clear direction for the way forward. I cannot recommend her coaching highly enough.”

Pamela Schott, Contributing Author to the #1 Bestseller Speaking Your Truth and Co-Owner of Turning Point Today, Inc

“Anney facilitated our company retreat recently, and the experience was so incredible! She has a rare gift of being able to address both the mindset issues that come up in starting and growing a company, as well as the business acumen and financial knowledge to guide us towards profitable goals. I can’t wait for the next retreat when Anna can help us grow our vision and business even more!”

— Kelly Boch, Cornell MBA Graduate

“If you want something done, Anney’s your gal!”

— Gay Hendricks, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Keep your eye on Anney, she’s one to watch!”

— Mari Smith, Author & Social Media Expert

“I experience Anney as a powerful, effective, and a loving guide through the mysteries of all things business (and life!). Working with Anney was one of the best choices I’ve made, and I feel confident that what I’m taking away from our work together will help me continue to create a flourishing business and a richer life on every level. I am deeply grateful for experiencing first-hand Anney’s vast wealth of knowledge, insight, and wisdom.”

— Lynn Cornelius – Internationally acclaimed artist, art professor, business owner and coach

“When we started, we only had a vague idea of what we wanted to create and no clue how to actually start a business. Anney gently led us through a process by which we got super clear on not only what we wanted to create in the world, but also how we’d like our lives to be. She integrated her presencing and listening skills with her extensive knowledge of the nuts and bolts of what it takes. We now have a clear vision, mission, purpose, and objectives for our business. We’re incorporated as an LLC. We have an initial marketing plan, a line of services and products, and a launch plan. Anney was just the training-wheels we needed to get started & we’re so grateful!”

— Christine Marge & Becky Kanis, Co-Founders of The Social Change Agency

“Anney get’s to the core of what you are feeling in under 10 minutes. She gives honest feedback that helps to get focused and in tune with what feels best. She is supportive and a great listener on a deep level.”

Hillary Rubin, Coach, author, wellness pioneer

“Thanks so much for facilitating our retreat this week! You were so very present with us, and I loved how you tuned in to what the group really needed at any given moment. The material was at once heart-centered and business-actionable, and I came away with new tools to apply to the company’s day-to-day milestones and ideas to help shape my personal contribution to our long-term vision (and my own!). You are a blessing!”

Susan M. Lockwood, Senior Project Manager

“Anney Smith has an ability to zero in on the areas where I have been blind. She has helped me to become aware of, and clear out, all of the ways I waste my time and energy, and has shown me how I might move toward living my life doing what I absolutely love, and getting paid well for it! Anney’s easy, focused presence makes everything seem possible! My husband/partner, Ian, and I have already noticed a new awareness in our lives as a result of working with her. We are grateful for her guidance and we look forward to more!”

— Dr. Pamela Stone Chambers, Chiropractor and co-founder of and

“Anney is a powerhouse. Her business savvy ranges far & wide, for sure, but her REAL gift is in her intuition and massive insight into the invisible fuel of sustainable success. What I know from working with Anney on issues and ‘stuck areas’ in my business, that even a mere 15 minutes with her is magic. Her laser insight gives me access to radical shifts in perspective. The result is reliable: remarkable ease and flow and surprising solutions that I simply could not access on my own. Her rare and unique blend of skills as a business consultant is a pitch-perfect match for me. But the proof is in the pudding, so I’d urge you to experience her mojo for yourself — she’s really quite a Mojo Maximizer! I always come away with feeling zesty, alive, renewed — and most importantly — masterfully equipped to take whatever next step is needed to forward in my business AND in my life. And to do so in a way that feels most in harmony with my highest purpose.”

— Claire O’Connor, The Sweet Spot

“Anney and I spent about 3 months together and I cannot even begin to explain the shifts I saw in my life. Not only did I grow tremendously as a person but I also grew in my business. She helped me learn to love myself, which opened me up to the most amazing relationship I could have ever possibly imagined after years of being single. Anney truly has a gift of listening to people and serving as a guide in self exploration. I am grateful every day for the time we were able to spend together, thank you Anney!”

— Amanda Reimer